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Dealers Welcome...

If you have a licensed business that deals in the sales and/or repairs of Chinese made motor sports products then you likely qualified to be one of our parts dealers. By becoming one of our dealers you will be part of a growing community of dealers across Canada and the USA that trust us with filling their parts needs.

So what do you need to do to buy your parts at our attractive dealer pricing? Just e-mail or call us and we can help you to get started. At present the only restrictions are;

  • You must be a dealer or repair shop for Chinese made ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, UTVs or the like.
  • You should be willing to purchase parts on a somewhat regular basis.
  • Proof of your business standing by showing us your business license or other proof that you own a business we feel meets our dealer standards.
  • A good business reputation. (Of course this is something we should all strive for, right?)

Contact us now and you too could be on the way to giving your customers better parts choices and a great added income for your business!

Contact us at

or 1-888-776-7753 


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Vernon, BC, Canada

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