Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock
This is one tough lock that comes with an alarm built in!
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The Amazing Lock Alarm 

Use it to secure your
ATVs, Bikes, Motorcycles, Scooters,
Trailers, Boats, Boat Motors, Shed Doors, 
Garage Doors, Barbeques and more.

This Lock has 6 spiral wound strands, each containing 14 steel wires for a total of 84 individual wires.

  • Solid Brass
  • Double Bolt Mechanism
  • Un-cuttable Key
  • Un-pickable Lock
  • 84 Individual Wire Strands
  • Alarm: 110-Decible Siren

This lock has all the locking devices of the best locks on the market, but this has one extra feature that no other lock has, a 110 db Alarm (Siren) built right into the lock. 

Shock The Thief !

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