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You are at the main catalog page of China Parts Depot.com™ based in Canada. From here you can look at all of the parts we have on our web site to this point. We carry parts for the Chinese made ATVs, pit bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, and dune buggies. We carry parts for 'Made in China' brands such as Odes, Hsun, and Jianshe and carry engine parts for Lifan, Loncin, Zongshen and more!

We have new and different parts coming in weekly, we may not have the part you need shown on this site but that does not mean we do not have it or can not get it with the help of our full time parts staff based in China. So if you do not find what you are looking for do not despair, we can still help.

Do as many of the following steps as possible so that our chances of getting you the right part will increase exponentially;

  • Take a couple of digital pictures of the part you need.(Not too small please)
  • Take a couple of digital pictures of the machine itself.
  • Find the manufacturers name plate and get us the manufacturers name off of it. (This is usually a metal plate that is close to the front of your machine attached to the frame. But it may also be a decal.)
  • If you are looking for a motor part, there will be a model number on the engine, usually on the lower left side, please take that down.On CVT style engine such as on a scooter the model number made be under the belt cover.
  • Then put all of this information together and e-mail it to us at Parts@ChinaPartsDepot.com.
Welcome from your friends at China Parts Depot.com™